1. Define cacophony. cacophony synonyms, cacophony pronunciation, cacophony translation, English dictionary definition of cacophony. n. pl. ca·coph·o·nies 1. Jarring, discordant sound; dissonance: heard a cacophony of horns during the traffic jam. 2. The use of harsh or discordant sounds.
  2. Cacophony Definition. If we speak literally, cacophony points to a situation in which there is a mixture of harsh and inharmonious sounds. In literature, however, the term refers to the use of words with sharp, harsh, hissing, and unmelodious sounds – primarily those of consonants – to achieve desired results.
  3. Apr 17,  · A cacophony in literature is a combination of words or phrases that sound harsh, jarring, and generally unpleasant. The opposite of cacophony is “euphony,” a mixture of pleasant or melodious words. The repeated use of “explosive” or “stop” consonants like B, D, K, P, T, and G are often used to create a snowesswinforaphy.gripmesenrapormicurragitosuto.infoinfo: Robert Longley.
  4. Cacophony definition is - harsh or jarring sound: dissonance; specifically: harshness in the sound of words or phrases. How to use cacophony in a sentence. cacophony Is a Noisy Word.
  5. Cacophony. Profile: American heavy metal band from San Francisco, California formed in by Marty Friedman and Jason Becker. Disbanded in Members: Atma Anur, Dan Bryant (2), Jason Becker, Ken Stavropoulos, Marty Friedman, Peter Marrino. Variations: Viewing All.
  6. 17 synonyms of cacophony from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 18 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for cacophony. Cacophony: loud, confused, and usually inharmonious sound.
  7. Cacophony -- Find potential answers to this crossword clue at snowesswinforaphy.gripmesenrapormicurragitosuto.infoinfo
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